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three indicators to use with the Raghee Horner method - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2010.03.29 09:33
2016.11.22 07:32

Raghee Vague: plot the three EMA34 and SMA200 used in the Raghe Method

RagheeCandleVagueBars : plot colored candle bar: red for down trend (Raghee Vague < - 30º ), green bar for up trend (Raghee Vague > 30 º) and orange and chartreuse for neutre ( Raghe Vague between -30º and 0 or between 0 and 30º)

Raghee5minutes : plot three EMA for the Raghee 5 minutes method and change automaticaly with the trend.

My complete windows use
my three indicators plus

- Fractals
- Swing_zz_with_alert
- Scan-Index
- FiboSwing
- CCI(20)
- RSI-Swing(34,13,3)


Higher TimeFrame Trend Indicator Higher TimeFrame Trend Indicator

This indicator displays on the current (lower) timeframe the overall trend on a higher timeframe. It also displays & alerts RSI overbought oversold conditions.

Send a notification to your ICQ, MSN, AIM,... contacts Send a notification to your ICQ, MSN, AIM,... contacts

In conjunction with Miranda IM, you can use this library to control your Mirand IM client. E.g. Send and receive messages, set the status, read the contact list, etc..

Market Way Market Way

This indicator combines the best traditions of oscillators and indicators for tracking the trend

Another VSA indi. Another VSA indi.

VSA is about reading the market and mapping it out to give you a better understanding of what it might do next.