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Send a notification to your ICQ, MSN, AIM,... contacts - library for MetaTrader 4

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2010.03.25 15:57
2014.04.21 14:54 (3855.14 KB)

This library is based on Cristian Libotean's CommandLine-Plugin for "Miranda IM".
Miranda IM is a (open source) multi-protocol (ICQ,MSN,AIM,...) instant messaging client for Windows.
In conjunction with Miranda IM, you can use this library to control your Miranda IM client. 
E.g. Send and receive messages, set the status, read the contact list, etc..


.) Install Miranda IM.

.) Install the Miranda CommandLine plugin.  (

.) Copy the mtmim.dll to ...[MetaTrader]\experts\libraries\

.) Copy the example files to ...[MetaTrader]\experts\indicators\
   See the example files for usage.

Function description

     int m_sendCommandWaitResponse(string command, string args, string delimiter, int timeout);
        sends a command to Miranda IM.

     string command
        A command-string 
        e.g.: status awaymsg xstatus popups sounds clist quit help exchange yamn 
             callservice message db proxy contacts history version

     string args
        Arguments divided by a special character (delimiter)

     string delimiter
        a character to seperate the arguments     

     int timeout
     	Time in ms to wait for response, -1  endless
        use the m_getLastResponseString() function to get the response-string.

Return Value:
     Returns 0 if the call is successful.

   if( m_sendCommandWaitResponse("message","susi|hello susi, how are you?","|",-1) != 0)

   Print("message-command arguments:",m_getLastResponseString());


   string m_getLastResponseString();
        Retrieves the response-string

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