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Spread Indicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2010.02.12 09:03
2016.11.22 07:32

The Spread Indicator


Credits for the indicator go to

This indicator is a convenient tool to quickly throw a glance a the currency's current spread. Especially with non-fixed spread brokers, determining the current spread from looking a the 5-digits quotes can be exhausting.

You can easily change the position, color and font size as with ordinary labels. Your changes won't get overriden!


Trend Paint Trend Paint

Раскраска баров в зависимости от направления тренда.

Lilith goes to Hollywood Lilith goes to Hollywood

An antimartingale which tries to maximise the gain/risk ratio. I have a 5 digits account, let me know if you have any problem with this.

RenkoShade2 - Draws Renko boxes in normal TF RenkoShade2 - Draws Renko boxes in normal TF

This indi draws renko boxes on normal TF window.

Multi Strategy Ea Multi Strategy Ea

If you have a strategy to trade with it, You can use this EA and set Your Parameters And trade with this expert