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2009.08.15 16:36
2014.04.21 14:54

After wrote many EAs of many strategies, I think maybe this one has more potential, I post it here for your testing, verifing, and tuning, wish you can find bugs or improvements and reply here.

Different symbols may have different settings, the default setting is not suitable for live trading, maybe you can fine tune and optimize one good setting and post your set file and your test result.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

As an example, with some indicator combined setting, the GBPUSD 2009.1.1 to present 2009.8.14 got the result bellow.

If you want to use AI mode, don't forget to optimize DayX - N days to test DaysX + M days, while not just DayX - N days to verify DayX - N days.


Update 2012.07.01

//|Ver 0.01 2008.10.01
//|Ver 1.67 2012.07.01
//| 1. Added USD index.
//| 2. Changed all indicators' default status to be false

iCCI_Revercy v1.4 iCCI_Revercy v1.4

Предсказание цен пересечения графика CCI с заданным уровнем FindCCI.


This EA works in any timeframe for any currency pair, including gold & silver.

You can use a lot of combination of indicators in this EA You can use a lot of combination of indicators in this EA

With this EA, you can make any combination with indicators, you chose what do you want and make your own strategy

Waddah Attar Super Support Resistance Waddah Attar Super Support Resistance

This Indicators Show You most of Support and Resistance Levels on your Chart .