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jMasterRSX v1 by jirimac - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2009.07.21 06:33
2014.04.21 14:54

ORIGINAL: jMasterRSXv1.mq4 by jirimac

EDITS BY OTHER USERS: jMasterRSXv1C.mq4 and new updated version jMasterRSXv1D by Pipster

Pleaser read notes inside the mq4 file.

Thank you all of you guys for posting your edits..

Backtest run from 01.01.2009 till now.

This EA using rsx indicator so you need to download both the EA and the Indicator and place them in correct directory on your trading machine.

Its developed for EURUSD pair and works fine when you drag it into your 1M EURUSD chart.

Please feel free to improve and edit the code a do submit your results so we can all benefit from it.


When you extract the archive, you will get two files (jMasterRSXv1 and two RSX)

1. Place the RSX.mq4 in your ..experts\indicators

2. Place the jMasterRSXv1.mq4 in your ..experts

3. Open your Script Editor and compile both files.

Happy trading!

EDITS BY Pipster

Please see jMasterRSXv1C.mq4


There is a new updated version from Pipster called jMasterRSXv1D.

Heiken Ashi Real Heiken Ashi Real

Heiken Ashi Real

RSI_Strike(AM) RSI_Strike(AM)

Отображение точек пересечения RSI различных периодов.

RSI_Strike(AM)_SW / Stoch_Strike(AM)_SW RSI_Strike(AM)_SW / Stoch_Strike(AM)_SW

MACD (настройки по умолчанию - АО Вильямса) с сигналами импульса от пересечений разнопериодных RSI / направления Стохастика.

Pretty T3 Pretty T3

Colorfull T3 MA