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2016.07.01 11:26

Trailing - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Manages all orders in the terminal. If there is no required profit - it waits. Suitable both for manual trading and for expert advisors that lack trailing stop.

If the required profit is reached, sets the drawdown. And trails by it. Drawdown is in percent. Suppose that the following parameters are set: minimum profit = 1000. Percentage is 20. Orders reach a profit of 1000. IF the profit falls to 800 - closes them. If the price moves further, for example, reaches 2000, the allowed drawdown will be 400. That is, the orders will be closed at a total profit of 1600. There is no fixed drawdown limit, as I do not find it useful to use absolute values.

In theory, it is possible to set percentage = 0. It will act as a total take profit. It is possible to set percentage = 100, it will act as breakeven (do not forget, as some orders are being closed, others may become losing).

Attention!! The EA works independently of the arrival of quotes, except the first one. To change the parameters in trading mode, change the chart and/or timeframe, it is necessary to disable the EA using the button! Also, it is necessary to check its status after each compilation.

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Original code:

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