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SR Lines by MTF Stochastic Cross - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2009.01.31 13:00
2017.09.01 09:37
MTFPI-sub1.mq4 (2.44 KB)view
MTFPI-sub2.mq4 (1.77 KB)view
MTFPI-sub3.mq4 (4.09 KB)view
MTFPI-sub4.mq4 (1.72 KB)view
MTFSR-Kurl.mq4 (22.25 KB)view
clearSGNLs.mq4 (1.31 KB)view

This indicator shows some Support/Resistance lines. The number of lines is variable (max 6). The more support lines are, the stronger "bull" will be expected. It also displays entry signals.These signals may be often disappointing, but sometimes good.

This needs "MTFPI-sub1". "MTFPI-sub1" needs "MTFPI-sub2", "MTFPI-sub3" and "MTFPI-sub4".

S/R_lines by MTF stochastic cross

To clear a chart of Signals, please use script "clearSGNLs".

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