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Simple Indicator that Shows MA Moving Direction on All Timeframes Simultaneously - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2009.01.12 07:33
2014.04.21 14:53

My first indicator. Maybe it will be useful for somebody.

The idea of creation was the following: to see the values of a parameter calculated for different timeframes not to open many charts simultaneously and not to compare the data visually. In this indicator the calculated parameter is the direction of MA moving.

The accounting of indications of a timeframe can be selectively turned on/off. Everything should be logically understandable. (1 - include into the calculation, 0 - exclude): M1 = 0; M5 = 1; M15 = 0; M30 = 0; H1 = 1; H4 = 1; D1 =1.

The period of averaging can be specified for each period: M1_per = 20; M5_per = 5; M15_per = 12; M30_per = 8; H1_per = 10; H4_per = 3; D1_per = 5.

Only the smoothing method and the used price are specified one for all МАs: method = 3 (0 - SMA, 1 - EMA, 2- SSMA, 3 - LWMA); price = 5 (0 - close, 1 - open, ..., 5 - typical, 6 - weighted).

My deposit has increased from 18000 to 31000 for three days on the demo account. (I opened the positions manually once a snippet of any color appeared, I closed positions intuitively :))

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Original code:

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