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Lot_Volume - library for MetaTrader 4

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2008.11.21 07:15
2014.04.21 14:53
Lot_Volume.mqh (0.85 KB)view

The functuion automatically calculates the lot size from the specified percent of free assets (х%) or uses the fixed lot size ("х" without "%" sign).

We add the function #include <Lot_Volume.mqh> to the program and call it in the necessary place: OrderSend(Symbol, Order Type, Lot_Volume(), Price, 0, Stop, Profit);

If you specify "10%", for example, then the size of the lot will be equal to 10% of free assets, and if you specify just "10" then the size will be equal to 10 lots.

Certainly, the library is not perfect, I wait for your comments.

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Original code:

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