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2008.06.15 10:48
2016.11.22 07:32
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The EA works on any timeframes and symbols simultaneously.

It has been specially revised for optimization, the code being improved in procedural style. Now the EA can be optimized by open prices -- the results will match with those obtained by precise method, optimization speed will surprise you agreeably.

If I've realized the author's idea in a wrong way, he will hopefully correct me.

Best of luck in optimization!

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Original code:

ZH_Functions_Tools_1 ZH_Functions_Tools_1

A set of function tools.

i4 GoldenLionTrend v3 i4 GoldenLionTrend v3

The indicator shows the trend. A code example for candlesticks colored in four different colors according to the trend strength.

MacdPatternTraderv01. +300 points monthly MacdPatternTraderv01. +300 points monthly

A 4-hour MACD FOREX strategy

Price and Volume Trend - PVT Price and Volume Trend - PVT

Indicator Price and Volume Trend (PVT), like On Balance Volume (OBV), represents the cumulative sum of trade volumes calculated considering close price changes.