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2006.01.18 22:10

gpfTCPivotStop - expert for MetaTrader 4

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    It is realized by the TS on breakdown of day time levels, which pay off on indicator Pivot.


  • it is traded on hour timeframe;
  • after 0 hours of current day, we count levels Pivot, Resist1, Resist2, Resist3, Support1, Support2, Support3;
  • after closing an hour candle above Pivot we make purchase and stoploss at level Support(n), takeprofit on Resist (n);
  • it is used trailing for carry of a stoploss to a point of breakeven;
  • sell - an hour candle is closed below Pivot, stoploss - Resist (n), takeprofit - Support (n).

    I explain value of some entrance parameters:

  • variable TgtProfit is levels of stops and profits and should have values 1, 2 or 3;
  • if TgtProfit = 1, that stoploss (byu/sell) = Resist1/Support1 and takeprofit (byu/sell) = Support1/Resist1;
  • if TgtProfit = 2, that stoploss (byu/sell) = Resist1/Support1 and takeprofit (byu/sell) = Support2/Resist2;
  • if TgtProfit = 3, that stoploss (byu/sell) = Resist2/Support2 and takeprofit (byu/sell) = Support3/Resist3;
  • the variable isTradeDay defines, that as the open positions will be closed. If isTradeDay = true, the open warrants will be compulsorily closed on the termination of day, else warrants will be in the market yet will be closed on stop or of profit;
  • at installation value of a variable isTrace = True in a broad gully the file is carried out record of the every possible debugging information for debugging the TS.

    Results of testing: not all pairs at use of this approach on breakdown send on a level of profitableness.

    In the following adviser it will be realized by the TS on a release from the same levels.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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