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2016.04.26 14:47

The idea of the EA was taken from the different versions of the Dealers_Trader (for which many thanks to the author), when the stochastic enters the overbought or oversold area, the first lot is opened, if the chart is reversed, then operate with one lot.

I would like to hear your feedback, as this is my first experience in writing an EA, but if anyone wants to send me away, then please do so politely and correctly.

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Original code:

Price_vs_Alpha Price_vs_Alpha

The new version of the Mc_valute_v8_final EA. It works well on a flat market.

FX Fish FX Fish

The unique FX_FISH indicator is widely used by the Western experts to trade in the foreign exchange market, stock market, and others.

Intensivnost_Tikov Intensivnost_Tikov

The indicator displays the number of ticks inside the candlestick.

Guppy Mulitple Moving Average (Long) Guppy Mulitple Moving Average (Long)

The indicator allows the trader to understand market relations.