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2016.04.26 14:47

The new version of the Mc_valute_v8_final EA.

The new version tries to works on a trending market as well, but it needs ideas on possible improvements and optimal parameters. It works well on a flat market.

This is the final version, looks like there are no more visible bugs.

It works as intended, but the parameters and entry points still need experimenting.

The new version actually contains a lot of new thing, including some possible glitches. Therefore, it is recommended to test in visualization mode to grasp the details.

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FX Fish FX Fish

The unique FX_FISH indicator is widely used by the Western experts to trade in the foreign exchange market, stock market, and others.


Plotting principle - digital filtering.

Stochastic trading Stochastic trading

When the stochastic enters the overbought or oversold area, the first lot is opened, if the chart is reversed, then operate with one lot.

Intensivnost_Tikov Intensivnost_Tikov

The indicator displays the number of ticks inside the candlestick.