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GridTrading Algorithm at volatile market - expert for MetaTrader 4

2023.01.26 19:54
2023.08.15 20:37

The input parameters are: Tp - this is a number, and the robot will take profit when Tp*Invested money is reached in profits (recommend 0.01-0.1). SlowMovingAverage is the period of a moving average, trying to decide the trend. The Multiplier is the factor of the volumes, the next order in the Grid will be placed with a Multiplier* Last order size volume. TimeFrame is the TimeFrame in Minutes. (recommended : 1 hour- 60 or 15Min- 15).

The Expert Advisor includes a TotalOrderLots() function, which returns all of the used lot amounts. A CalcMaxLot function, returning the maximal amount of lot one can trade. A CalcGridLot function which returns a starting Lot with the given parameters for a security.  The Bearish and bullish engulfing functions are returning a true value if one of the candlestick pattern happens. OpenOrderProfits function returns all the Profits of the open orders. CloseallOrders closes all orders( checking multiple times).

The EA places grid orders based on the atr values.

    Support and Resistance Indicator Support and Resistance Indicator

    This Indicator shows the potential breakout/stop levels.

    Wilder's Relative Strength Index Wilder's Relative Strength Index

    An implementation of the Relative Strength Index indicator by John Welles Wilder Jr. as described in his book—New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems [1978].

    period_converter_All_kai period_converter_All_kai

    Convert historical data from M1 to M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN, specifying the start date.

    Pause Trading for X Minutes When Consecutive Losses are N Pause Trading for X Minutes When Consecutive Losses are N

    This code will pause the trading for X minutes when there are N consecutive losses happen within Y minutes