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XP Forex Trade Manager MT4 - expert for MetaTrader 4

Published by:
Marzena Maria Szmit
2023.01.09 15:31
2023.01.09 15:33

Forex Trade Manager MT4 simplifies managing open orders in MetaTrader 4. If you open a new order, the manager automatically sets Stop Loss and Take Profit. When price will move, then the program could move Stop Loss to Break Even (stop loss = open price) or continuously moving Stop Loss (Trailing Stop) to protect your profits. Forex Trading Manager can control orders for only current symbols (where EA works) or for all opened orders (regardless symbol) and hide the Stop Loss and Take Profit from brokers. It’s a strategy for management of opened manual trades (opened on all symbols or only current chart’s symbol) by:

- setting Stop Loss and/or Take Profit for the trades in pips

- Trailing Stop function which trail SL by the price 

- Break Even which move SL to BE on chosen distance

SL/TP can be managed by the broker (standard way) or in stealth mode – hidden from the broker.


“SLTP Params”

Stop Loss – stop loss in pips for trades

Take Profit – take profit in pips for trades

“Break even”

UseBreakEven (true/false) – allowing to use only break-even function for opened trades

BEActivation – profit in pips when break even function is activated 

BELevel – additional distance from BE in pips when SL is placed by break even function

“Trailing Stop”

UseTrailingStop (true/false) – allowing to use only trailing stop function for opened trades

TSStart – profit in pips when trailing stop function is activated 

TSStep – minimum difference in pips between new and current SL to allow to move SL by trailing stop function

TSDistance – distance from current price in pips when SL is placed by trailing stop function


StealthMode(true/false) – hide sl/tp levels from the broker and EA is closing trades on those levels programmatically

OnlyCurrentPair(true/false) – allow management of trades only from current chart’s symbol (true) or from all pairs (false)


All parameters for trades and functions are settable in the parameters of the EA. The Forex Trade Manager also display on the chart an information about the current daily profit/loss in pips and account currency.

    XP Forex Trade Manager Grid MT4 XP Forex Trade Manager Grid MT4

    Forex Trade Manager Grid MT4 helps you to managing orders and achieve the goal.


    An indicator to see very easily the trend in a maxminband channel. (You need use Heiken Ashi to see the graph or change the parameter ti put the graph in front of the indicators)

    AK-47 Scalper EA AK-47 Scalper EA

    AK-47 Scalper EA is fully automated. It uses the strategy of entering the sell Stop order continuously and will modifythe order when the price is opposite to the pending order.

    Code for counting open orders by Order Type individually Code for counting open orders by Order Type individually

    This is an Expert Advisor code for counting open running orders for each type: OP_BUY or OP_SELL.