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MT4 Account details - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2021.12.17 09:30

It is very helpful for a coder who is just starting to learn MQL coding. 

It prints the following fields.

Account Balance

Account Equity

Account Credit

Account Currency

Account Company

Account Name

    Hotkeys_TimeFrames_v1.0 Hotkeys_TimeFrames_v1.0

    hotkeys 1-9 numbers on keyboard but not on number-pad to change timeframes 1=m1 2=m5 3=m15 4=m30 5=h1 6=h4 7=d1 8=w1 9=mn

    Simple Parabolic SAR with alert Simple Parabolic SAR with alert

    This indicator shows a standard parabolic SAR another way. Also it send alert when SAR dot changes side.

    Indicator Name Indicator Name

    it gives you the name of the indicator which is attached to a chart.

    Static arrows and graphic objects on MT4 Chart Static arrows and graphic objects on MT4 Chart

    This code is used to create static object on MT4 charts which will not move along with the chart when you scroll the chart.