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SCT - The Overall Percent Risk - MT5 - script for MetaTrader 5

2021.05.30 20:31
2021.08.22 20:27
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Most newbies and immature traders keep losing money because they don't know how important to calculate and see things in terms of percentage. Seeing in terms of percentage is a good trading habit that must be developed; despite the fact that small accounts differ from larger accounts, it will allow the trader to treat small accounts the way they treat bigger accounts.


The story behind developing this trading tool was to build a good trading habit, which is to always think in terms of percentage rather than amount of money. This way will allow us to treat small accounts as we are treating bigger accounts, which will allow us to switch from small accounts to bigger accounts smoothly.



You can check the following video that will explain how to use this trading tool

CFileSet CFileSet

Extend of CFile class to work with the .set extension file which terminal will produce when the Input/Optimisation is saved.

Volume Calculator Based on Risk To Reward Volume Calculator Based on Risk To Reward

This EA can Calculate each trade volume base on received TP and SL Prices and Risk percent of account in each trade.

Amplitude (Minimum Maximum) Indicator Amplitude (Minimum Maximum) Indicator

This Indicator will show the Amplitude [Minimum; Maximum] of a given period and can act as a substitute of the ATR indicator. The indicator can be used to observe volatility and the force of past swings, useful to determine excesses that will possibly be reversed or repeated, given that the user has knowledge to complement with volume or standard-deviation strategies. It is suggested a period of 55200 at M1 or 2400 at H1 (meaning 40 sessions of 23hs each), or any period that complements your strategy.

IsConnected IsConnected

Checks if Metatrader5 Terminal is connected to Internet or not. The expert will Print a message for the connectivity status