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Volume Calculator Based on Risk To Reward - expert for MetaTrader 5

Mobin Zkr

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2021.05.28 13:24

This simple EA can Calculate each trade volume base on received TP and SL Prices and Risk percent of account in each trade.

    Pips Volatility Alarm Pips Volatility Alarm

    Catching the extreme change on candle.

    SpaceX_Delete_StopLoss_TakeProfit_button SpaceX_Delete_StopLoss_TakeProfit_button

    For MT5, When Press the Button, it will delete all STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT applied to Current Open Market positions. For All Symbols. The panel is based on the CDialog class, works for all symbols

    CFileSet CFileSet

    Extend of CFile class to work with the .set extension file which terminal will produce when the Input/Optimisation is saved.

    Binance Spot Library Binance Spot Library

    Binance Spot Header file and EA sample.