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2011.04.26 10:35
2016.11.22 07:32

The indicator plots a line with different colors using the Close price, the DRAW_COLOR_LINE drawing style is used.

Two indicator buffers are used: the first contains the closing price of the bar, the color indexes specified in the second indicator buffer. The colors of lines, the width and line style changed randomly after N=5 ticks.

The initial properties of the plot1 graphic plot are defined using the #property preprocessor directive, further these properties changed randomly (see OnCalculate() function).

See also The Drawing Styles in MQL5.


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Original code:

Premier Stochastic Oscillator [v01] Premier Stochastic Oscillator [v01]

Premier Stochastic Oscillator - Double EMA smoothing of stochastic, based on article in TASC by Lee Leibfarth (August 2008)

VininI Cyber Cyсle [v01] VininI Cyber Cyсle [v01]

VininI Cyber Cycle - Identify cyclical movements of price, based on VininI_Cyber Cycle(V2).mq4 by Victor Nicolaev (2009)


The DRAW_COLOR_SECTION drawing style is used to plot sections with different colors, the colors are specified in the color buffer.


The DRAW_COLOR_HISTOGRAM drawing style is used to plot color histograms.