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Licensing class and script with 256bit Encryption - script for MetaTrader 5

Jason Kisogloo

votes: 18
2021.03.01 23:11

This class loads a licensing file by reading 256bit encrypted account data from a license file into an account array for the purpose of licensing.

The Class is initialised with a Filename, a Master Key and whether the file needs to be saved in the common folders or not.

Important Methods:

m_Write(string m_Acc  = "", string m_Server = "") - Adds a a new account to the licensing file...

(we use this to make a simple script to add new accounts to the licence file. directly in Mt5 / Mt4)

m_LicenceFound(string m_Acc="", string m_Server="") - Checks the array of accounts from the license file to see if there is a matching and returns a bool based on it.

And finally there are two public functions available for encrypting and decrypting strings using 256 bit encryption... (if needed by user)

The included sample script file creates a license file using above class.

The script will append new account licences to the specified file...

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