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Vinci EA - expert for MetaTrader 5

Musa Akgul

votes: 14
2021.02.20 19:41
2021.02.20 19:49

It is Diffrent complex Range BreakOut system. Using to Range Breakout system is defined by min number of bars and max width in pips. This robot is can use to volatility instrument.

    INDICATOR Currency Strength Meter - MT5 INDICATOR Currency Strength Meter - MT5

    The currency strength meter is a trading tool that is used to identify trending and consolidating markets based on the percentage rate of change in price from one period to the next.

    The Cyber Cycle The Cyber Cycle

    The Cyber Cycle: John Ehlers, "Cybernetic Analysis For Stocks And Futures", pg.34

    Multi currency library Multi currency library

    An easy-to-use multi-currency library, usable in indicators and EA.

    Stable Damiani Volatmeter Stable Damiani Volatmeter

    Volume/Volatility Indicator