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Master Exit Plan - expert for MetaTrader 4

Joel Protusada | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2020.11.07 12:41
2020.11.09 02:09

Master Exit Plan is collection of simple strategies that would help traders manage on how to exit open trades and pending orders.

NOTE: This EA doesn't open a trade for you. It only manages your open trades and pending orders. 

Here are the list of exit strategies...

  • Equity Target - this part of the program helps you protect your account equity conservatively.
  • Hard Stop-Loss - you can set a fixed visible stop-loss on every trade you do.
  • Hidden Stop-Loss - you can set a fixed hidden stop-loss on your every trade.
  • Dynamic Hard Stop-Loss - this is a visible stop-loss that moves with the price. This will enable the trader to trade as if there's no stop-loss even if there's a stop-loss. The full explanation of this revolutionary concept is discussed in the e-book, Uncharted Stratagems: Unknown Depths of Forex Trading. There are actually more than a dozen of new ideas that can be stolen from that book.
  • Hidden Dynamic Stop-Loss - as the name stated this is just a hidden version of the dynamic stop-loss.
  • Trailing Stop - this is not an ordinary trail stop method. it has another revolutionary idea of triggering the trail stop when a certain positive profit in percentage is reached. It also assured the trader of positive pips to gain.
  • Trail Pending Order - this trails stop orders to maximize a beneficial postions.

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