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DreamBot - Fully working trading robot - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2020.10.21 16:08


DreamBot - A fully working trading robot for any account type,leverage,time frame and deposit. Adviser trades accordingly to generated signals by indicator Force Index. No dangerous trading techniques - orders sent with stop loss and take profit. This bot does not interfere with other bots you may run on the same account. Executed orders are not preset with take profit/stop loss,it's later on after the order been sent modified and this method practiced by some ECN brokers which do not allow sent orders having preset take profit/stop loss. Optimizations done only with 'Open prices' the fastest available method in MT strategy tester. Enjoy!

Financial instruments;

Forex tested,others not!

Adviser default menu settings;

Apply to currency pair EURUSD and time frame H1(60min) or do your own research on other instruments,not supported!

Default settings may not last forever and require you to re-optimize at some point. Not supported!

Don't know in general how to optimize a trading robot?

Use a search engine and look it up or find valuable information right here on MQL5 community

Don't know in general what Force Index is and what it's for?

Use a search engine and look it up or find valuable information right here on MQL5 community

Adviser menu settings;

  • Magic number - Advisers unique order identification number
  • Fixed sized lots - Contract size,always a fixed size which you can change to whatever fixed size you need!
  • Take profit - Order take profit in pips (1 pip equals to 10 points)
  • Stop loss - Order stop loss in pips (1 pip equals to 10 points)
  • Bulls power - Bulls power increase
  • Bears power - Bears power decrease

Other related information

Not happy with current published version and want changes/improvements and can't code it your self;

Pay someone to code it for you! Freelance for example,hire a programmer...



    ECN Trade Modifier ECN Trade Modifier

    On all MT4 market execution accounts (ECN, ECN Zero and Pro), preset stoploss/takeprofit price levels are not permitted. If a client wishes to specify stoploss/takeprofit values for an order, the client must modify the existing position after the order is opened. This EA helps a client effortlessly ensure that an on order is modified to desired stoploss/takeprofit values a short while after a trade position is opened This is especially helpful for scalpers who want to avoid the trouble of manually editing trade properties every-time a position is taken on a financial instrument. EA by Maduagwuna E.I

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    I am sharing this pyramid. It is not perfect but works for me.