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Rijfie pyramid 1.12 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2020.10.26 09:05
2020.10.26 11:58


My plan is

1 search for usa stocks below 20 euro/dollar.
2 When the price rice above the stochastic lowlevel the first lot 0.01 will be bought.
3 when the price drops then another lot 0,01 will be bought
4 when the price rice above buy + spread the trailerstop will move in place.

lowlevel when stochastic cross level 10 lot will be bought.
maxprice means there will be no lots will be bougth above this price. (max = price + spread)
lowprice means there will be no buy below the low
magicnummer has to be changed by every new chart
timechart is the chart
maperios is the ma
steplevel is the percentage when a buy order will be placed.
profit when set at 0 then all open positive orders will be closed at closing if close all set on true
closeall set on true or false
hour set the hour
minute set the minute

(when close all is true profit is 10 hour is 20:00 minute = 55 then all open orders with a profit more then 10 will be closed from
20:55 till 21:00

the best way is to search for stocks with low swap like zynga, nokia, vale (the reason is swap)
when setting lowprice to 1 it is possible to calculate the possible max loss
when set on 1% maxloss stock from 5 euro will be about 500 euro when trading stock from 15 euro your maxloss will be about 1500 euro.

But you only risk this when company goes broke,  when you want to close all trades when in loss then you have to take a loss.

Or you can lose a part when your broker doesn't support the stock anymore.

This is the latest version i like to use.
Rijfie pyramid version 1.12.mq4

Just one thing when using this ea then consider to close all open orders that are above 0 just before closing time.(This is because of gap opening next day)
With version 1,10 it is possible to close the trades before closing time wich are above 0.(by using profit and set close all to true then set hour and minute)

New version 1.12 percentage is changeble by setting steplevel1 set steplevel1 at 1 means 1%, 5 means 5%.

graph petrolbras

At the end you see some loses but that is because of ending testing. 


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