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Basic List - library for MetaTrader 5


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2020.06.20 06:54
The List class template provides a basic container for storing an ordered list
 of basic data type objects.
For convenience, List also provides synonyms for stack operations,
 which make code that uses List for stacks more explicit without defining another class.

template<typename T>class BasicList
   //construction, destruction, initialization, and assignment
                     BasicList() {}
                     BasicList(BasicList&src) {Copy(items,src.items);}
                    ~BasicList() {}
   BasicList         operator=(BasicList&);
   T                 operator[](int i) {return Get(i);}
   T                 Get(int at) {int c=Count(); if(c>0&&at>=0&&at<c) {return items[at];} return NULL;}
   T                 First() {int c=Count(); if(c>0) {return items[0];} return NULL;}
   T                 Last() {int c=Count(); if(c>0) {return items[c-1];} return NULL;}
   int               Count() {return ArraySize(items);}
   int               Find(T item) {int c=Count(); for(int i=0; i<c; i++) {if(item==items[i]) {return i;}} return -1;}
   void              Print() {int c=ArraySize(items); for(int i=0; i<c; i++) {PrintFormat("%d:%s",i,(string)items[i]);}}
   void              operator+=(T item) {Append(item);}
   void              operator^=(T item) {Prepend(item);}
   void              Append(T item) {int c=ArraySize(items); IncreaseAt(c); items[c]=item;}
   void              Prepend(T item) {IncreaseAt(0); items[0]=item;}
   void              operator-=(T item) {Remove(item);}
   void              operator~() {RemoveAll();}
   void              Remove(T item) {int f=Find(item); if(f>-1) {ReduceAt(f);}}
   void              RemoveLast() {ReduceAt(ArraySize(items)-1);}
   void              RemoveFirst() {ReduceAt(0);}
   void              RemoveAll() {ArrayFree(items);}
   //stack interface
   T                 Top() {return Last();}
   void              Push(T item) {Append(item);}
   T                 Pop() {T top=Top(); RemoveLast(); return top;}
   T                 items[];
   void              ReduceAt(int);
   void              IncreaseAt(int);
   void              Copy(T&dst[],T&src[]) {int c=ArraySize(src); ArrayResize(dst,c); for(int i=0; i<c; i++) {dst[i]=src[i];}}

Mql does not allow to manipulate pointers and basic types in one template,
 so one generic list with pointer control is impossible for all built-in types and user types.
   This is why I made an independent template List for basic types.
Available operators:
   [index] Get,         eg. T var=list[3];
   += Append,           eg. list+=var;
   ^= Prepend,          eg. list^=var;
   -= Remove,           eg. list-=var;
   ~ RemoveAll,         eg. ~list;
   = Copy list,         eg. T listA=listB; //A-new,B-existing

Example of BasicList usage
void OnStart()
   list+="worry";                //append
   list+="be happy";             //append
   list.Print();                 //see output
     {string s; for(int i=0; i<10; i++) {s+="-";} Print(s);}
   list^="don't";                //remove
   BasicList<string>list2=list;  //copy list
   list2.Print();                //see output
     {string s; for(int i=0; i<10; i++) {s+="-";} Print(s);}
   ~list;                        //clean list
   Print(list2.Pop());           //pop
     {string s; for(int i=0; i<10; i++) {s+="-";} Print(s);}
   list2.Print();                //see output
   1:be happy
   2:be happy
   be happy

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