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custom trail-stop by MA - update 4 - expert for MetaTrader 5


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2020.06.21 02:30
2020.07.24 19:43

this is my first try at creating an EA from ground up

the EA only trails, so no automatic buy/sell

***** PLEASE NOTE: the default values are adjusted for M1 time-frame, as is the easiest way i got for testing it's workings, but it works in all time-frames and currency pairs *****

besides the MA parameters, it also got a few options for the trailing

  • possibility of enforcing a maximum stop loss - for older orders that might exceed it
  • number of bars behind to use in MA trail
  • minimum distance from MA to trail
  • minimum distance of current price to trail on positive and on negative profit
  • possibility of not showing indicator line
  • trail step

the code probably can be optimized further

feel free to post suggestions, changes to the code that can improve it, or any doubts about it's workings

i have been trying to control the indicator`s appearance - line, color and style. any help will be welcome

Update 1 (V1.1)
  • file updated after consideration on how to treat preexisting orders that exceed max sl and the EA don`t have permission to close them

Update 2 (V1.2)

  • logic errors in the trail system
  • added possibility of hiding/showing graphic line on chart

Update 3 (V1.3)

  • added trail step

Update 3.1

  • fixed some logic errors (yes i still keep finding them ^^)

Update 4

  • a lot of mistakes where identified and corrected, affecting some minor changes in the trail method

coming soon: class library

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