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Independent Chart - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Md Belal Hossain | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2020.06.03 10:12
2020.06.05 04:05

Using this indicator you can specify your all drawing object to a specific symbol and timeframe.
example if you draw any object ( Trendline/ Text/ Line / Anything ) on the GBPUSD H4 chart, it will only be restricted for the GBPUSD H4 chart. So it will not conflict with other charts/timeframe

All In One Mirror All In One Mirror

Mirror indicator with a dropdown list of base indicators to choose from with optional alerts, email, and push notifications.

Basic check-up of Experts for MQL4 Basic check-up of Experts for MQL4

This is a simple function for the initial control of an expert.

DeleteAllObject DeleteAllObject

Simple script to delete all object on the current chart.

Bar Time Count Down Bar Time Count Down

This MT4 indicator is to count down the remaining time as the format HH:MM:SS