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MACD Sample Hedging Grid - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Published by:
Aharon Tzadik
votes: 14
2019.12.25 12:09
2019.12.29 16:30

Classic "MACD Sample" EA with a little twist, you can use it as  hedging grid EA or a single trade EA.

    Try it on demo first.

    This EA trades only with the price of open candle!


      • TakeProfit-(values: 50-200)
      • Lots- (values: 0.01-1).
      • TrailingStop-  (values: 40-80).
      • MACDOpenLevel- (values: 1-5).
      • MACDCloseLevel-  (values: 1-5).
      • MATrendPeriod-(values: 1-100).
      • Max_Trades(1-10).
      • MagicNumber- (values: 1-100000).
      • UseEquityStop -  (values: true).
      • TotalEquityRisk- (values: 1-5).

      • * You need to optimize this EA once  a week and use the exact same  inputs from above .

    • How to perform back test:
    VR Smart Grid Lite VR Smart Grid Lite

    The EA uses large volume orders to partially close other orders, with this approach, the breakeven and profit price is much closer to the current price than if you use all orders in the terminal or their full volumes.

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