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HistoScalperEA - expert for MetaTrader 4

Nikolaos Pantzos | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2019.09.23 06:07


    CompassLineEA CompassLineEA

    The expert uses iFollowLine and iCompass indicators to generate signals. It's an easy and quick way to test both indicators. 27/09/2019 updated expert and indicators.

    iADX_Advanced_Histo iADX_Advanced_Histo

    The indicator is shown in a histogram the ADX uptrend and downtrend uses a different way. You can set period of indicator and bars count averages levels.

    Grid Template EA Grid Template EA

    Grid Template EA - A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development or use 'as is'

    ZigZag Based on Close Prices ZigZag Based on Close Prices

    The code is based on indicator ZigZag which is in-built in MT4. I have changed it so that it isn't calculated on highest Highs and lowest Lows, but instead uses highest Close and lowest Close of chart price history. See attached chart for differences: ZigZag (red) versus ZigZagClose (yellow).