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ArrowDrawingIndiEu - script for MetaTrader 5

Bogdan Kupinsky

votes: 8
2019.06.05 12:26
2019.06.05 12:28

This indicator is used to create signals for the Binary Com connector. An arrow indicator can be connected to it, and when a signal appears, an arrow will be drawn.

This indicator can be used to connect and transfer data between indicators or from the indicator to the advisor (if the signal is in the indicator buffer, a graphic object will be drawn, in this case OBJ_ARROW)

To work correctly, place the required indicator in the folder with the data, or specify the path to it along with the name.

In the indicator code itself, you can specify for ICustom the input parameters for the indicator. You can also change the buffers for the buy / sell signal and the default buffers values.

Default Value

Buffers Value

Changing the ICustom value (appending the parameters for the indicator)


We change the values of buffers, the name of the indicator and the name of the arrows.


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