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Math Utils (MT4) - library for MetaTrader 4

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2019.06.04 20:18
2019.06.04 21:19
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Handy functions for comparison of floating-point numbers

bool EQ(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

bool GT(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

bool LT(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

bool NE(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

bool GE(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

bool LE(double a, double b, int digits = 8);

Handy functions for rounding of floating-point numbers

double RoundToDigit(double number, int digits);

double RoundToDigitUp(double number, int digits);

double RoundToDigitDown(double number, int digits);

double RoundToStep(double number, double step);

double RoundToStepUp(double number, double step);

double RoundToStepDown(double number, double step);

double RoundPrice(double pPrice, string pSymbol = NULL);

double RoundVolume(double pVolume, string pSymbol = NULL);

Exact comparison of doubles

Sometimes, when comparing two double numbers that assumed to be equal, but reached to via different calculations, the comparison goes wrong. Actually A can differ from B by in very little amount (at the 16th decimal place) due to binary rounding errors, so exact comparisons (==!=>>=<<= operators) fail.

Real situations of where exact comparison of doubles can fail

  • Comparing doubles reached via different calculations:

    if (0.1+0.2 == 0.3)  // false
  • Experts with trailing stop function:

    if (new_sl > OrderStopLoss())
    if (new_sl < OrderStopLoss())
  • Experts with hidden take profit function:

    if (Bid >= HiddenTakeProfit)
    if (Ask <= HiddenTakeProfit)
  • Comparing price levels in a grid strategy:

    if (Ask < virtual_stopLoss)
    if (Bid > virtual_stopLoss)

Loose Comparison

To avoid unexpected results, it is better to replace exact comparisons (==!=>>=<<=), with loose comparisons to overcome the floating-point imprecision. This small library provides the required functions.

//--- exact comparisons can fail
if (Ask < virtual_stopLoss)
if (Bid > virtual_stopLoss)
if (0.1+0.2 == 0.3)  // false

//--- using library functions, results become as expected
if (LT(Ask, virtual_stopLoss))
if (GT(Bid, virtual_stopLoss))
if (EQ(0.1+0.2, 0.3))  // true

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