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Awesome Oscillator Trader - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2019.05.06 00:55
AwesomeV2.mq4 (3.43 KB)view

This EA uses a modified Awesome Oscillator (AO) indicator.  A Buy signal is generated when a negative AO green bar appears after consecutive negative red bars.  A Sell signal is generated when a positive AO red bar appears after consecutive positive green bars.  Stochastics and Bollinger Bands are also used as trade entry filters. An open trade can be closed based on an AO bar color reversal. The red/green (up/down) indicator buffers and the fast/slow AO periods are accessed in the EA using the iCustom() function.   AwesomeV2.mq4 should be placed in the Indicators folder. This EA uses the H4 EURUSD chart and is tested from Jan 2010 thru April 2019. 

Grid expert Grid expert

This ea designed based on Grid sterategy .

Using the Williams AO and AC Indicators Using the Williams AO and AC Indicators

This EA uses modified Williams Awesome Oscillator (AO) and Accelerator Oscillator (AC) indicators for trade entry.

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Volume indicator as modified by RonT, but histogram bar color will be red on a down candle, green on an up candle