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Lavika EURGBP/EURUSD - expert for MetaTrader 5

Erin Lavika Tania

votes: 32
2019.04.12 19:30
2019.04.12 20:22

The Expert Advisor uses four iMA (Moving Average, MA) indicators from two timeframes. Two indicators with averaging periods 1 and 8 are created on the H1 timeframe and two indicators with averaging periods 1 and 8 are also created on the H4 timeframe.

Trade management

You can set Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop in the Expert Advisor. Any of these parameters can be turned off (it is enough to set the value of the selected parameter to "0").

Position Size Management (Lot Size)

Lot can be either permanent ( Money management  set to  Constant lot  and ask a lot size  of The of value for "Money management" ) and dynamic - in the percentage of risk on the transaction ( Money management  set in the  Risk in percent for a deal  and set the percentage of risk  The value for "Money management" ).

Recommended Pair (EURUSD/EURGBP/EURCHF) 


  • Only one positions - you can only hold one position in the market.
  • Reverse - reverse trading signals
  • Close opposite - the closing of the opposite position (first the opposite position is closed and only then the position on the trading signal is opened)
CPairedDealInfo Class CPairedDealInfo Class

A class to reconstruct closed trades (paired in/out deals) from history sorted by close time.

Balance Graph HTML Balance Graph HTML

Display interactive HTML graph of the account balance inside the web browser.

Hull moving average Hull moving average

Hull moving average