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Moving Average EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

luo jun | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch 한국어

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2018.12.15 10:41
2018.12.16 03:39
MaRobot.mq4 (12.42 KB) view

Strategy Tester Report


Trading variety XAUUSD (Gold Spot (1 LOT = $10 per 0.1))
Time period 1 hour chart 2010.01.07 22:00 - 2018.10.05 16:00 (2010.01.03 - 2018.11.30)
Compound model Each real-time price (based on fractal interpolation for each price of all available minimum time periods)
parameter MAGICMA=20181115; Lots=0.01; MovingFastPeriod=10; MovingSlowPeriod=23; AdxThresHold=30; RsiThresHold=38; TakeProfit=0.038; StopLossPoint=10; Protect=0.001; BackClose=12; HOUR=2; Debug=true;
Tested number of columns 53017 The amount of real-time price for the re-distribution 134935256 Quality of the complex model 89.83%
Input chart error 0
Starting capital 5000.00 Spread 30
Total net profit 1150.23 Total profit 1573.07 Total loss -422.84
Profit ratio 3.72 Expected profit 10.27
Absolute loss 57.29 Maximum loss 244.35 (4.37%) Relative loss 4.37% (244.35)
Total transaction order 112 Sell order (% profit percentage) 77 (94.81%) Pay (% of profit) 35 (71.43%)
Profitable trades (% of total) 98 (87.50%) Loss trading (% of total) 14 (12.50%)
maximum: Profitable transaction 337.60 Loss trading -104.25
average Profitable transaction 16.05 Loss trading -30.20
maximum: Continuous profit amount 36 (587.22) Continuous loss amount 3 (-49.28)
most: Continuous profit 587.22 (36) Continuous loss -104.33 (2)
average: Continuous profit 9 Continuous loss 1


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