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Momentum Histo - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Iurii Tokman | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

Published by:
Besarion Turmanauli
votes: 14
2018.01.30 12:12

This indicator is based on code from the original author Iurii Tokman. I translated it from Russian and made the following improvements:

  • Added trading alerts (Alerts in MetaTrader 4 terminal, Email notifications, Push notifications).
  • Inputs to enable/disable each alert type separately.
  • Instead of only Momentum, implemented a drop-down list of indicators you can choose from.
  • Minor optimizations and fixes.


  • MName - indicator name.
  • MPeriod - indicator period.
  • MLevel - indicator level.
  • MAppliedPrice - applied price for Momentum, CCI or RSI.
  • Alerts - enable/disable alerts.
  • Email - enable/disable Email notifications.
  • Push - enable/disable Push notifications.


  • Employ other means of fundamental and technical analysis, do not rely solely on this indicator to make trading decisions.
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