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Messages Helpers - library for MetaTrader 4

2017.03.14 11:42
Messages.mqh (17.14 KB) view
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Provides various helper functions for sending messages of different types to different sources.

‌‌Available message types:

  • D‌EBUG
  • INFO

A‌vailable destination sources:

  • Print() function
  • Alert() function
  • MessageBox() function
  • SendNotification() function
  • SendMail() function

P‌rovides external variable which controls debug mode. If disabled, debug messages will not be printed.‌

U‌sage example:

#include <Messages.mqh>

// ....

debug("Print debug message");
debugAlert("Alert debug message");
debugMessageBox("Show debug message box");
debugNotify("Send debug notification");
debugMail("Send debug mail");

notice("Print notice message");
noticeAlert("Alert notice message");
noticeMessageBox("Show notice message box");
noticeNotify("Send notice notification");
noticeMail("Send notice mail");

warning("Print warning message");
warningAlert("Alert warning message");
warningMessageBox("Show warning message box");
warningNotify("Send warning notification");
warningMail("Send warning mail");

error("Print error message");
errorAlert("Alert error message");
errorMessageBox("Show error message box");
errorNotify("Send error notification");
errorMail("Send error mail");

success("Print success message");
successAlert("Alert success message");
successMessageBox("Show success message box");
successNotify("Send success notification");
successMail("Send success mail");

info("Print info message");
infoAlert("Alert info message");
infoMessageBox("Show info message box");
infoNotify("Send info notification");
infoMail("Send info mail");

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