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MacdPatternTraderAll0.01 - expert for MetaTrader 5 | English Русский 中文 Español Deutsch 日本語 Português

Published by:
Vladimir Karputov
votes: 17
2017.03.02 12:31
2018.06.26 12:40

Author of the idea — Yuriauthor of the MQL5 code — barabashkakvn.  

What's new in v.0.01:

  • Added possibility to choose operation time interval using startdate and stopdate
  • Added possibility to work with a stretched martingale

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Eugene Eugene

Analysis of OHLC on 0, 1, 2 and 3 bars.

NRTR_extr_ZigZag_HTF NRTR_extr_ZigZag_HTF

The NRTR_extr_ZigZag indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters

NRTR_ZigZag_Price NRTR_ZigZag_Price

The NRTR_ZigZag indicator with price labels of the ZigZag peak values.

NRTR_extr_ZigZag_Price NRTR_extr_ZigZag_Price

The NRTR_extr_ZigZag indicator with price labels of the ZigZag peak values.