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Currency Strength EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

Jaspreet Singh Saini | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

votes: 26
2017.05.02 13:01
2019.01.09 11:40

This EA calculates the strength of various currencies according to the percentage change in a day from the opening of the candle. If some currency is very strong or very weak, it will check the difference between both. If it is more than the value provided in the inputs parameters, it will open a trade with that pair and set take profit as given by the user.

This EA cannot be backtested. Don't trade in live directly. Check in demo first.


Trade Multiplier Trade Multiplier

This expert will copy a trade with the preset volume on the same account, can be used with a signal. No cross-account functionality.

Auto Fibo Auto Fibo

Automatic Fibonacci with ZigZag Base.

TrailingStop TrailingStop

Trailing stop allows you to automatically protect the profits with your positions. It adjusts itself according to the current market rate and the amount of pips you give it to trail behind.

ChartEvent Test Example ChartEvent Test Example

Test ChartEvent is an example demonstrating the various types of ChartEvent: keyboard keys events, mouse click & move events, custom events. The source code works both in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.