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Pivot Star - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2016.12.28 16:38
2017.06.19 14:31
Pivot_Star.mq4 (14.95 KB)view

This indicator draws current pivot points, it does not plot history. Clean and simple.

Choice of Standard, Fibonacci, Camarilla, Woody's and Demark pivot calculations.

Calculation is based on previous bar of chosen period.

double xOpen=iOpen(0,inpPeriod,1);
double xClose= iClose(0,inpPeriod,1);
double xHigh = iHigh(0,inpPeriod,1);

double xLow= iLow(0,inpPeriod,1);

Default setting is H1, for scalping.

input int xShift = 3; // X-Axis Shift
input int xLen = 25// Line Length
  • xShift positions pivot lines relative to the first bar (positive number shifts to the right).
  • xLen sets length of lines (by number of bars, in theory).

Two additional lines are drawn — Previous day's High and Low.

Every and each line can be set up to your liking: Color, Style, Thickness (set color to None to disable line).

Standard Pivot

Thicker lines are previous day's High/Low. Drawn only on lower than D1 time frames.

Camarilla Pivot

Camarilla Pivot includes L3, L4, L5, H3, H4, H5 lines. Other points are omitted as they're not really needed.

If viewing time frame is larger than indicator's set period, the lines are not drawn, otherwise they only obstruct.

//--- Draw Lines
         DrawLevel("Yesterdays High",xYH,StyleYH,WidthYH,LevelYH);
         DrawLevel("Yesterdays Low",xYL,StyleYL,WidthYL,LevelYL);

Updated 05 Jun 2017.

Few changes, showing Previous Day's High/Low is optional; code changed so that it is now possible to use couple of instances for different time-frames (e.g. one for daily pivots, one for weekly, etc.).

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