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2013.05.15 11:37

TrendStrengthv2 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Author of all TrendStrength indicators are Igorad, there are a lot of similar indicators but his indicators can be used as a real filter to some systems, there are many Expert Advisors based on this indicators for MetaTrader 4, we can now build new Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5.

AutoDayFibs AutoDayFibs

The indicator automatically draws Fibonacci lines by yesterday's or today's range

ChannelZZ ChannelZZ

The channel ZigZag

Cam_H2_H5_Historical Cam_H2_H5_Historical

A modified Camarilla dt Historical indicator


A semaphore signal indicator that uses two Moving Averages in the form of NRTR