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iFractals 4all TF - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Published by:
Bujang Senang
votes: 11
2016.09.29 17:08
2016.11.22 07:32

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Each buy and sell will be marked by arrow that will show the right direction to help you make the decision when the appropriate time to buy or sell. Red arrow to sell. Blue arrow to buy.

Chart EURUSD, D1, 2016.07.19 07:33 UTC, Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Demo

PricePosition PricePosition

PricePosition indicator provides the position of price in the point of angle when the price rises above (BUY) or falls below the angle section line (SELL).

LinesProfitLoss LinesProfitLoss

Calculates profit (loss) of the current orders on the symbol.

Modify All TP SL Modify All TP SL

The script modifies all orders (market and pending) on the symbol with specified Take Profit and Stop Loss.

TimeInRange time checking function TimeInRange time checking function

Fast time range checking function. Doesn't use slow string parsing.