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2014.08.12 13:46

Auto Pending and Manage Orders by RSI - expert for MetaTrader 4

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  1. Auto pending orders by RSI;
  2. Lower risk at weekend and restore position the next week;
  3. Mail some useful information.


1. Set testmode true for backtest, false for real mode:

extern bool testmode = false;//true:for backtest

2. If in testmode,please set only one of the tradesymbol array,for example:

extern string tradesymbol1 = "EURUSDm_802_2802_1602_200_860";
extern string tradesymbol2 = "";
extern string tradesymbol3 = "";
extern string tradesymbol4 = "";
extern string tradesymbol5 = "";
extern string tradesymbol6 = "";

if in real account mode, set testmode false,and config tradesymbol like (use "," to separate symbols,use "_" to separate a symbol's parameters):

extern string tradesymbol1 = "EURUSDm_802_2802_1602_200_860,USDCHFm_506_2606_1506_120_600";
extern string tradesymbol2 = "USDJPYm_460_2802_1302_100_320";
extern string tradesymbol3 = "";
extern string tradesymbol4 = "";
extern string tradesymbol5 = "";
extern string tradesymbol6 = "";

EURUSDm_802_2802_1602_200_860 means:

  • symbol: EURUSDm(m means my exness mini account,possibly you should modify to your own symbol)
  • pendingpips:802(pending gap)
  • weekendpluspips:2802(widen plus gap at weekend)
  • cancelpips:1602(when the gap exceed this pips,close the pending order)
  • trailingsl:200(trailing stop loss)
  • takeprofit:860(virtual take profit)

3. If you want to delete pending orders at weekend, set weekenddelete=true, else if you want to widen pending gap and restore it the next week, please set weekenddelete=false.

extern bool weekenddelete = false;//true:delete false:modify

4. Weekend mode begin and end time (5 means Friday,7 means Sunday (the time is GMT,maybe you should adjust with your local time,the default parameters run well in Beijing Time):

//trading end time in friday
extern int weekendbeginday = 5;
extern string weekendbegintime = "20:30";//friday 20:30
extern int weekendendday = 7;
extern string weekendendtime = "23:30";//sunday 20:30

5. All symbols (maybe not trade symbol) you want to mail the RSI value prompt (>70 or <30) and periodically report to you.obviously, you should modify the AUDJPYm if your account is not mini one.

long sendmininterval = 3600;

 6. RSI configuration:

extern int rsitimeframe = PERIOD_H4;
extern int rsiperiod  = 14;
extern ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE rsiappliedprice = PRICE_CLOSE;
extern int rsishift = 0;
extern double rsiupperline = 70;
extern double rsilowerline = 30;

7. Use the magicweekendexpiration to identify the weekend mode,if anyone has better way please kindly tell me

int magicweekendexpiration = 1577836800;//2020-1-1 0:0:0 intvalue:1577836800

8. Others:

If modify to weekend mode failed, the EA will send a mail and try MAX_MODIFY_TRY_TIME(100 default) times till success.

No stop loss applied, and if little loss order (min buy or max sell order) of one symbol exceed pendingpips, the EA will pend another order of the same symbol.

In test mode, if the equity less than 95% of balance, EA will write the status to warning files.

if(((AccountEquity()/AccountBalance()) < 0.95))

If you have found any bugs or have suggestions, please kindly let me know.

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