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It is a Malty order Placer(4 LIMIT and 1 INSTANT). and good performed EA. It Works With THE Co-ordination of Different Moving Averages.

Features of the Expert Adviser:-

  1. Default Risk factor 0.02/1000
  2. Inputs Account Take profit You can Set your account Profit Range. EX : Your account Balance is $1000 and you Set the Account Target To $1100 after some trading if Account Equity will Gone to More then $1100 . MMT will close all the Orders and EA Goes to sleep Mode automatically.
  3. Inputs Lots Minimum This feature provides you to set Lot Minimum size . if Order closing in lose Continuously Or You are not satisfy with Lot default Volume. Then You will set the Lot Minimum Size whatever you want.
  4. Inputs Lots Maximum This feature provides you to set Lot Maximum size. if Order closing in Profits Continuously You don't want High Volumes of Lot size then You will set the Lot Maximum whatever you want. (Lot Maximum is More than Lot Minimum Must ). Then EA will Controls the Lot Highest size to your quoted size.
  5. Inputs Order2Pips (MMT) will Place 5 Orders Totally Per Attempt. 1st Order is Instant Order at Current Rate and Remaining 4 are Limit Orders. In that Process, By default, from 2nd Order will place distance with the (Order1 into Open point )+(Order2Pips into Pips) Ex: Order1 is executed @ 1.3533 then second order places as a limit order @ 1.3533 + 7 = 1.3540 * Point If you want the distance between the Orders You will change what ever you want.
  6. Inputs Order3Pips This Feature also Just Like 5th Point
  7. Inputs Order4Pips This Feature also Just Like 5th Point
  8. Inputs Order5Pips This Feature also Just Like 5th Point

Marneni Money tree Expert Adviser Designed with the formula of Moving averages Coordination.

The Down Loaded EA works Until November end If you Like it Or Any Assistance you want Contact me any time (Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil Only)

Contact Me : 0091 9396222176 Or

By default MMT Designed For 4 decimal Point Account if you are trading in 5 decimal Point accounts Then you must have to change Order 2 Pipes, Order 3 Pipes, Order 4 Pipes, Order 5 Pipes, Values continuously from 7 to 70, 14 to 140, 21 to 210, 28 to 280

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