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Time trader v1.1 - expert for MetaTrader 4

Tonny Obare | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2012.02.09 06:41
2014.04.21 14:55

There are several theories out there about market movements at certain times e.g. during opening of trading for different currencies etc. This trading robot is designed to do just that and can be used for unlimited time related strategies that involve scalping, hedging or long term trades. The EA can also be used to discover time based market behaviour that is not readily detectable using meta trader 4 strategy tester in your mt4 terminal and also to time movements from expected news releases making it a crucial add on to your terminal.


The time setting on the expert advisor should be based on the time on your meta trader terminal and not the time on your computer. Take for instance where you are located in country x and your broker's MT4 terminal is showing GMT time then set the trading time based on GMT not your country's. Alternatively just use strategy tester to find the best settings that will hold as long as you use it on the same broker you used to strategy test.

Batman V1.0 Batman V1.0

The EA open position on Breaking S/R , it will make offsets if that was not a break

Display Ask-Bid Display Ask-Bid

This code simply display ask-bid value.


It is a Malty order Placer(4 LIMIT and 1 INSTANT). and good performed EA. It Works With THE Co-ordination of Different Moving Averages.

WatchDog - An EA monitoring script. WatchDog - An EA monitoring script.

WatchDog sends an e-mail when things go wrong, an order has opened or closed, on requotes, on log errors, on server shut down... Just drag the script in a chart window.