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"Build With Own Sketch" - LegoEA (or PanelOfSwitches) - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2011.10.03 15:01
2016.11.22 07:32
Lego_v3.mq4 (56.2 KB)view

If you want to authomatize already taken well-designed strategy...

Or simply save your time...



Mostly me, but original version 1 is by Seletsky R.V.

I don't own the rights, but the V1 was on MQL4 (i.e. here).


Inside. Also, all the code is commented.


None. I mean, you need own strategy

Well, I have no any "well" strategy, through I can take any simple one.

Primary part - Features:

- 16 indicators: 2MA, MACD Signal, WPR, Stoch, OsMA etc.

- 4 (up to 16) custom indincators

- Flexible code - perfect for those, who don't know real coding, but can edit scripts "by seeing the example".

- MM - You

- ATR as independent closer.

But the best purpose is studying the coding rules. Even if you're not a programmeur yet.

Coming (not so) soon in v4:

- "Split exit" - good, if you want to close your positions in two different halves (Money management measures)

- "TrailStops" - simple, but necessary for many people thing called "trail". Well. I don't understand, how a trail works, so I need an example...

- New Customs, already defined and tuned

- Strategies - bundled.

- Maybe, templates?


You can use it for getting lots of money by selling tuned advisor as black box (compiled code, no externs)

Also, you can write own code snippets, because I would like to get newer version by anonymous sourcing. I mean,

Weak Sides:

- Unusual. It's easier to make from new list for some people.

- Needs some knowing the code. Indicators have different terms, and it must be defined every time you're making new strategy.

- Not "plug-and-play" yet.

- Really slow backtest. Don't ask me, better take the initiative, since this thing is free and it's easy to clone it "for yourself".


Good thing, if you're watching for "lego kit".

But if you're a perfectionist - wait untill next version (but I need some help!!!)

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