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2011.07.01 14:45

New bar event in EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

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So many people wants:

How to detect new bar present.

It is so simple especially if u want detect new bar in current timeframe,

void start(){
  static datetime tmp;
  if (tmp!= Time[0]) {
    tmp =  Time[0];
    //do ur code here

but what about the other timeframe event? It is not too hard but it has some restriction:

MT4 is not support onBar event, but u can put the upward times into array and check the array times every tick, if it reached the right time, execute the new bar event.
That means if u run eg.: backtest on M5 timeframe u can catch the M6 M7...D1 events.
Why u can detect only upward trends? The answer is a question: how to generate tick data by metatrader? A1, A2, A3,...

Until the D1 timeframe its more difficult because the week starting at eg.: Sunday 20:45 (Broker specific) and the start of the month can start in the middle of the week... etc.
I think this info isnt too relevant, so i dont publish it...

So there is a topic for this Q, but i think so many people dont read the articles and forums, so i published this code.

Some explanation:

in the init function u fill the time array with the starter times :

  curIndex = utils.periodToPeriodIndex(Period());
  times[curIndex] = Time[0];
  for(int i=curIndex+1; i<MAX; i++)
    times[i] = times[curIndex]- MathMod(times[curIndex],utils.periodIndexToPeriod(i)*60);

and in the start function u checked is there enough time elapsed now, then execute the event

  if (times[curIndex] != Time[0]) {
    times[curIndex] = Time[0];
    for(int i=curIndex+1; i<MAX; i++) {
      int period  = utils.periodIndexToPeriod(i),
          seconds = period*60,
          time0   = times[curIndex] - MathMod(times[curIndex],seconds);
      if (times[i] != time0) {
        times[i] = time0;

Write ur code in

void onTick() { 


void onBar(int period) {

That's all folks.

Update 1.1: Thx to WHRoeder for clear code

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