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2011.05.20 08:29

GodBot - expert for MetaTrader 4

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GodBot is using Bollinger Bands together with DEMA, Moving Average and Candlesticks. It’s a modification of AM2’s EA. Best results on EURUSD timeframe M5. 
Settings are optimized for EURUSD M5, but if you get better results, please post your settings. Feel free to post settings for other currencies.

Have Fun!

Update: GodBot V1.2.1 added (bugfix MAX_ORDERS )
Tiny update: GodBot V1.2 added
Update: OrderLib.mq4 V0.93 added (STOPLOSS calculation based on LOT and RISK) -> Replace the old file in libraries and recompile OrderLib.mq4 before Godbot_v1.2.mq4
3-Candle Chart 3-Candle Chart

Simple chart to display candlesticks for the 3 following periods: London Open to New York Open, New York Open to London Close, London Close to New York Open.

Line Order Line Order

LineOrder gives you the ability to place an order by using the horizontal line object from the toolbar menu. You can also control stop loss and take profit buy moving its horizontal lines.

Source Code Version #3 Source Code Version #3

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Source Code V2 Source Code V2

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