Instructions for working with EA Beast

Instructions for working with EA Beast

17 March 2023, 12:38
Svetlana Plesovskikh
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Welcome to the page that will help you set up the work of the Beast Expert Advisor.

Before buying:

1. Not all brokers allow scalping on their accounts. To check whether scalping can be used with your broker, check the Stop Level for each pair from the list: USD CAD, USD CHF, GBP USD, EUR USD, EUR CHF, EUR GBP, EUR CAD, EUR AUD. It should be 0 as in the picture. If it is greater than 0, then you should look for another broker:

2. Check the Ping of your terminal when connecting to your broker. The Expert Advisor uses a night scalping strategy. Although the EA uses limit orders to enter trades, the liquidity for most currency pairs is still less at night than during the day, so it is important that the Ping is as small as possible to quickly execute trades and reduce slippage

3. Important: Do not use the Expert Advisor on your personal computer, always use a VPS. When working on a personal computer, you can open or close windows, change the timeframe, and so on - all this NEGATIVELY affects the work of the adviser. The Expert Advisor has a built-in automatic calibration mode, which means that after launching the Expert Advisor on the chart, you need to leave it alone and not touch it. Any actions on the computer give an additional load on the RAM, thereby there is a threat of the terminal freezing and slowing down the analysis of the adviser's work.

After purchase:

Open the MetaTrader. Go to the settings of the MetaTrader and specify the address as shown in the figure:

With this action, the EA will automatically detect GMT. If you do not add the site in the settings of the MetaTrader, the Expert Advisor will not work.  

Attach the EA to the EURUSD M5 chart and write down all the pairs you want to use. The tools need to be prescribed exactly as indicated in the market overview.

Turn on auto trading.

If you have done everything correctly, the Expert Advisor will be launched and in the upper right corner you will see a smiling smiley face. 

There will be information useful for you on the Expert Advisor panel:

The EA will automatically detect your GMT and adjust the EA to the right time in summer/winter. You can also see the list of pairs used.

A few tips from my experience:

  • Use a small and comfortable risk: 0.02 lots for every $ 100 is enough to make a profit and not worry about every transaction. 
  • Be calm about losses. This is part of working in the forex market, it cannot be avoided. 
  • It is important to understand: The Adviser is a program that gives you the opportunity to earn automatically, that is, not to put your hands to work, which means: DO NOT interfere with the work of the adviser. Don't close deals for him. Do not change the take profit or stop loss. 
  • Use good well-known brokers with the right attitude to trading and to their clients. If you do not know which broker to choose - write to me, I will advise you several options.

Answers to possible questions:

Question: Do you have set files?
Answer: There are no set files and there will not be. All parameters for pairs are built into the Expert Advisor code and are automatically applied to pairs.

Question: Why do transactions on real accounts differ from the test results:
Answer: There may be several reasons. Beast is a scalping system. This is a highly accurate work of the adviser. The slightest changes in the environment of the Expert Advisor can lead to a difference between the test and real trading. Each transaction is always executed with slippage, and the greater the slippage, the greater the difference between transactions. The same difference may occur if you test on the quotes of one broker, and use the Expert Advisor on the quotes of another broker. Another reason for the difference between the results is the version of the Expert Advisor. My latest version of the EA has received many updates and has been used on signal accounts since 02/27/2023. Up to this time, the adviser worked a little weaker, but nevertheless showed a good result.

Question: Which lot should I use?
Answer: This question is individual. I can't make a decision on how best to trade for you, because I don't know how nervous you are when you draw down. The best option is to conduct tests with different lots, pay attention to the drawdown and choose a comfortable risk for yourself. For me, it's 0.02 per $100.

Question: Why is the stop loss so big? is it possible to reduce it?
Answer: during the Rollover, prices make large bursts of activity. With a small stop loss, you can get a lot of negative trades and you can get a loss. A stop loss of 1000 points is usually the best option for such advisors.

Question: My trades have too little profit and the commission kills the profit.
Answer: The Expert Advisor works in two modes: Initially it is configured to earn. At a certain signal of my indicator, the adviser can receive information that the transaction is doomed to a loss. Then the Expert Advisor switches to the "deposit saving" mode and the trailing take profit begins. This is a great way to minimize the loss. Sometimes, with trailing enabled, the adviser can earn less than the commission - this is normal. This means that the transaction was doomed and the ADVISER used the deposit saving mode. I also advise you to use different rebate services that return or reduce commissions.

Question: Can I use the Expert Advisor with other Expert Advisors on the same Meta Trader terminal?

Answer: Some Expert Advisors are not compatible on the same terminal and may interfere with each other. I recommend using one Expert Advisor on one terminal. If you want your account to be developed by several Expert Advisors, just activate your account on different terminals.

Contact me with any questions and I will be happy to help you!

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