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Recommended broker for MT5:

Recommended broker for MT4:

The success of index trading largely depends on choosing the right strategy and broker. Some brokers do not allow you to get a stable profit by scalping indices.

If your broker has different trading conditions, the trading results will differ from our signals:


The scalping trading system is designed in accordance with the principle of moving to the average value of the market price of the two most liquid and popular among traders indices Dow Jones (US30),  DAX (DE30,DE40), USTEC (US100, US Tech).

It took me more than 2 years to optimize this strategy. The first versions of the expert were not very good, because they showed a good result in the tester only on ordinary ticks. But I managed to make a scalper trading in tests and in real time the same way.

Unlike most other Expert Advisors, Index Scalper PRO has a wide range of auxiliary functions.

Index Scalper PRO has a built-in intelligent system for quick closing of transactions, which allows you to close orders with a profit in 96% of cases.

The robot has a built-in News Filter function that tracks news from banks and governments and suspends trading during the release of important world events or changes in interest rates*

You can adjust the importance of the news and the trading pause period before and after the news, and a separate panel and signal lines on the chart will show when the news should come out.




Use recommended brokers with low spread and fast VPS:

We optimize and add new indexes to trading. Now you can use Index Scalper PRO with recommended indexes:

Dow Jones (US30),  DAX (DE30,DE40), USTEC (US100, US Tech).

Timeframe: M15

Account conditions: Raw spread (ECN or PRO), leverage: 1:100 or more

Minimal deposit: 500 (for 0.1 minimal lot size)

Fast VPS: 1-100 ms ping

If you want VPS for free, the links can be found here:

Before use index Scalper make sure your broker provides 0.1 minimal lot size for each 500$ your account balance.

You can check it in the index Specification:


Description of settings:

Magic - is the unique number of the Adviser's orders. Be sure to change it if more than one robot is used for each symbol

INDEX NAME - you should choose settings for DE40 or US30. Use separate charts for each index

Trade Direction: ANY/BUY/SELL - choosing the direction of trading

Lot Type: FIXED/AUTO/Risk (FTMO)- type of lot size calculation

Important: Many brokers have a minimum lot size of 0.1 or even 1.0. Keep this in mind for calculating your risks.

Ask your broker or check of Index's Specification (in the Market Watch) a minimal lot size. 

We recommend using a minimum of $100 if the minimum lot size is 0.01 and $1000 if the minimum lot size is 0.1.

Fixed Lot Size - fixed (constant) lot size 

Auto Lot Size/ Balance Step - the lot size automatically increases depending on the size of your account balance

Risk, % of Balance (FTMO) - you can use Index Scalper PRO with PROP FIRMS or FTMO conditions

Balance Step - balance step to increase the lot size

For example: Your account balance is $1000. You have set Auto lot = 0.1 and Balance Step =500. Thus, Index Scalper PRO will open a deal of 0.2

When the account balance increases to $ 1500, the size of the traded lot will automatically increase to 0.3

Max orders at the same time - the value of maximum orders with Expert can open at the same time

==== Smart Filter ===

SmartOrders - EA calculates distance between  orders automatically

Pause after Stop Loss (FTMO)if you need to comply with the terms and conditions of the PROP FIRM or FTMO, set the Risk value =5% and Pause after SL=true

///Trade time settings:///

GMT offset - EA uses Auto offset the broker time. You can check it on the dashboard Panel. This is parameter is necessary for the News Filter. 

Use the Trade time settings  to set the Experts working time and closing time on Friday or every day in hours and minutes. (broker's time is used).

You can also set certain days of the week for trading or disable them.

Pause trading on Xmas holiday – When this function is activated, Index Scalper PRO stops trading during the New Year holidays, when spread expansion and low volatility are possible (from December 23 to January 7)

//////  News Filter settings ///////////

Use News Filter (true – enable the function, false – disable function)

To use News Filter make sure add to the Tools/Options/Expert Advisors folder Allow WebRequest for listed URL

Pause before/after event – pause time before and after the news

Enable medium news – activate the filter for medium-importance news. In this case, the robot can make much fewer transactions

Currency to display the news – filter news by shafts. If you use, for example, European indices, you need to set EUR,USD. Thus, Index Scalper PRO will only track news from the Eurozone and the USA.

EUR - Europe / GBP – England/ AUD- Australia/ JPY- Japan

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