Financial market clairvoyance

Financial market clairvoyance

30 November 2022, 16:37
Andrey Niroba

Apophenia as an apologist for clairvoyance in capital markets.

The clairvoyance of markets is reality, the reality of seeing chaos in order and order in chaos.

Apophenia is the ability to see structure, interconnection, regularity where they are not obvious or hidden.

Everything is natural in the Universe. Regularity is present everywhere and in everything continuously.

Regularity is always hidden, therefore the phrase "There is no regularity here!" says not about its absence, but about the fact that the pattern has not yet been discovered. The pattern is found only in the process of its search.

This video describes a method for modeling the future dynamics of the value of financial assets.

The method is based on chaos theory and fractal geometry.

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